Krug Vintage 2004

Krug Vintage 2004

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A Krug vintage is reserved for a special year. A year they believe represents something even more exceptional than what their Grande Cuvée would produce.

Only the second ever Krug Vintage created following on from the 1981, it is packed with the customary fruity Krug palate, rare flavours such as marzipan, gingerbread and snippets of oyster shell come together for something quite extraordinary.

Chinese, Japanese or Thai cuisine all work well due to their flavours and spices complementing the 1998's body. Use a white fish such as seabass or turbot as the base ingredient.

Robert Parker Review advocates Krug's 1998 Brut Vintage is an excellent choice for drinking today, as the classic Krug style is rich, alive and totally vivid. Honey, almonds, smoke, graphite and dried apricots are some of the many aromas and flavors found in this rich, enveloping Champagne. A wine of texture and depth, the 1998 impresses for its vinous personality and terrific balance. Lively veins of underlying acidity suggest the 1998 will drink well for many years to follow.