Krug Rose NV

Krug Rose NV

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Using three different grape varieties to blend with their Pinot Noir wine, Krug once again deliver unparalleled greatness.

Joseph Krug founded the Reims-based Champagne house in 1843 and his goal was to exceed the expectations of consumers by achieving the exceptional. Krug was passionate about his goal and took traditional Champagne production techniques beyond what was known at the time. The result is that Krug is the only Champagne house that specialises in the production of 'cuvées de prestige', or top-of-the-range proprietary blended Champagnes. 

The long, five years spent in the cellars give it its colour, its spice and most importantly, that sparkling elegance that one can only associate with the Krug brand.

A delicate Champagne packed with freshness and floral notes, pair it with a juicy and refined meat such as game or lamb for the best results.