Events and party supply

We love a party!


Weddings, corporate celebrations, marquees on the lawn...we've thrown a few great parties in our time, and we're experts at helping you get the right rums mixing and the proper champagne popping.

We can arrange everything from a case of Cava to a pallet of Pol Roger, and usually have it to you within a day or two, anywhere in the UK - all at great prices with our reliable Concierge service.



How much do I need?

A 75cl bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine will serve 6 flutes. If you're serving fizz to kick off a party you'll likely need 2 or 3 glasses per person. For example, if you're having 50 guests you'll need at least 50 x 2.5 serves = 125 flutes, or 21 bottles.

A 75cl bottle of wine will serve 6 small glasses (125ml) which means a case of wine (12 bottles) will provide 72 glasses. For wine at a party bank on 3 glasses per person (conservatively... note those were 'small' glasses!). If you've got 50 guests you'll need 150 glasses, or 25 bottles.

Still unsure?
Get in touch and we'll sort you out with the best options to cater for your spirits, wine, and Champagne needs. Call or email us to get the party started!